6th Annual Gull Lake Adventure Race: Sept. 29-30, 2017

The Vision of the Gull Lake Adventure Race

Is to provide an experience that reflects the excitement and challenge of living life to the full while raising resources to support the training and equipping of young leaders at Gull Lake Centre.

One Event, Three Phases, Four Racers

The race is a team event for four person teams, and is broken up into three main sections. It begins with a cross country biking segment, followed by orienteering (completed on foot) and ends with a series of head-to-head team challenges, with additional smaller challenges scattered throughout.

  • A girl on a bicycle
  • A group orienteering
  • A man on a high stack of milk crates

But not too challenging. If you can run 5km then you should be able to complete the race. The faster, stonger and more unified your team is the better your chance at winning. Events will include (but are not limited to) cross country cycling, running, wall climbing, archery, challenge courses (balance beams, net crossing, etc), canoeing, orienteering, and general shenanigans. These challenges are designed to test the participants both physically and mentally, and they will require individual skill combined with effective team communication and endurance.

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Each section of the race is worth points that accumulate throughout with bonus points for additional fundraising. The team with the most points at the end of the race wins. Prizes will be awarded to the winning teams.

This is Going To Be a Fun, Challenging, & High Energy 24 Hours

We hope this race simulates some of the intense experiences and themes that are woven into the LTD program to give participants a taste of what they experience during a summer of camp. It is going to be an incredibly enjoyable and challenging time.

Why Race?

At Gull Lake Centre we believe in the importance of youth. We believe that by investing in a handful of youth today we will be blessing an entire generation in the future. We invest in youth by dedicating time and resources to train and equip them to become who God created them to be. Some of these young people are called to be leaders, so for them we have the Leadership Training and Discipleship (LTD) program. The LTD program costs $190,000 annually to operate. Our goal is to raise $30,000 through this race to subsidize the costs to the students and make the program accessible to all.

About the LTD Program

The LTD program exists to give potential young leaders the experience and tools they need to follow God’s call of leadership. We focus on creating a community where ideas can be shared, questions asked, and challenges accepted. We tell our students the great story of God and how they are active participants in this continuing epic. We push them to lead and try things that are new and difficult. Failure is not something to be feared but embraced as a part of the learning process. We give them experience so they develop confidence that can be taken back to their home community when they are finished their time with us. We send them out with the expectation to lead and to lead well.

A group of LTD students

Thanks to our Generous Sponsors for Making this Event Possible

  • BDO
  • Tantec
  • Roadhouse Financial
  • United Cycle
  • Elemental Builders
  • Spindrift Photography
  • Fraser Group Homes
  • Foster Park Brokers
  • Yellow Pencil
  • Servus Credit Union
  • Lacombe Family Eyecare
  • Stretch Construction